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Let Me Share My Story
Allow me to share a bit about how I’ve come to this work. I started counseling for my own emotional wounds in 1991 to begin to work through the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Counseling was one avenue of healing for me – along with support groups and healing conferences – of which I attended as many as I could afford in both time and finances. I would not be as healed as I am today without all three of these avenues for healing.

I was a lay counselor in my church for ten years facilitating healing groups for others because I wanted to pass on the truths that had brought so much healing to my own life. I was a carpenter for my day job at the time.

Then in June 2005 I had a dream. In that dream I was asleep dreaming. And in that dream I heard a voice say to me, “Stacy, I want you to go Grad School and become a therapist.” I awoke and thought, “I don’t want to do that! It costs too much; it’s a long, arduous journey; I don’t want to sit and listen to people talk about their problems!” I did the Jonah (you know, the guy who got swallowed by the big whale) thing and ran the other way and told God he’d have to make it really, really clear if I was to do such a ridiculous thing.

Five months later in November I awoke from a deep sleep at 4:00 a.m. I was annoyed and irritated at being awake at that time. I tossed and turned and tried to go back to sleep. After a ½ hour of that I decided that I might as well intercede in prayer for people instead of doing nothing.

As soon as I began to pray I heard a voice, God, say, “Job.” I thought, “Oh no. The book of Job. Not a happy book!” Then, “Well, if this is you, God, it will make sense.” As I opened to the book of Job I then heard, “Job 23.” And as I was turning the pages to Job 23 I heard, “verse 4.” (You need to know that I do NOT know the old testament that well).

Again, I thought, “If this is you, God, it will make sense.” When I got to Job 23 I found this: verses 3-5 – Job is telling his friends that, “…if I knew where God was, I would go straight to Him, lay my case before Him and fill my mouth with arguments.” I was stunned because this is what I’d been doing for the last 5 months – arguing (with the KING of Heaven) about what a bad idea it was to become a therapist.

I gulped. “Ok, Lord. You’ve got my attention. Now what?” He said, “Keep reading.” When I got to chapter 33 verses 14-18 I was brought to my knees. Job’s friend was saying to him:

“You know, Job (insert Stacy)…God speaks once, even twice, and still the hearer (Stacy) misses the point. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when slumber falls upon people, as they sleep in their beds, he opens their ears and seals the matter with a warning, to turn a person away from their action and protect them from pride, so that they will keep themselves away from the pit and from perishing by the sword.” Gulp. Off to Grad School I went.

And so I am here today, years later, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist due to a dream. It has been life changing. I have been a dreamer all my life and diligently recording them since 1999. This experience catapulted me into learning Biblical Dream Interpretation from the best source around: John Paul Jackson’s classes at One of the groups I do is his and it’s a fantastic compilation of the good of in-depth psychology, bible study and prayer. I use dream interpretation in my work on a regular basis. I teach a class on it. And I use it in 1-to-1…if God is speaking let’s figure out what He’s saying so the journey towards wholeness can be shortened.

The groups that I facilitate are a framework for growth and change. I love the small group setting for the healing that it can bring to relationships that 1-to-1 cannot do. The same is true in reverse—you can accomplish things in 1-to-1 that you can’t in group. We need all sorts of formats to gain freedom and wholeness.

We are wounded in relationships and our healing comes as we learn to relate to others in a group context as well as an individual one. Over the years of running groups I have been in awe at the transformations that I’ve seen in people as they seek wholeness, learn to relate to others and integrate the learning that they receive in group into their inner being. I have yet to see someone walk away unchanged (for the better) when they lay hold of the truths learned in the books and let themselves become known, intimately, by others. What an awesome journey!  

I would love to participate with you in your journey towards becoming the COMPLETE you! Call me to set up an appointment and take the next step in your journey. Your freedom is waiting!

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Stacy is no stranger to conflict and stress. She has learned how to find freedom in Christ through her own journey to overcome the effects of childhood sexual abuse, and has spent 20 years leading groups helping others find healing and wholeness in Christ. She is happily married to Craig. She is also a Master Herbalist and loves cycling, gardening, growing her own food, knitting, spinning bunny hair into yarn and song writing. She has been a professional volleyball player and carpenter.

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